World’s famous island for its energy and mystery. Santorini in one of the sourthernnost Greek island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption creating the biggest geological caldera in the world, now offering bespoke scenery with the most spectacular views on earth.

Ammoudi Bay

The hidden gem of Santorini, this calm and picturesque cove is one of the best places of the island. A fascinating sight, with blue and white building and the rocky bay itself provides for one of the most beautiful sunset sceneries anywhere in the world.

Isle of St. Nicholaos

This isle is dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of Greece, where his primary role is as the protector of sailors and seamen. The small island of St. Nicolaos lies to the southwest a 20m swim across from the main island. Take a dive into azure water, a great attraction for cliff jumping enthusiasts with a depth over 1,000m into crystal clear water.

Agii Eftapedes

In the east of Armeni beach you will find the chapel of Agii Eftapedes (The Holy Seven Youth from Ephesus), accessible only by boat. This small chapel, is dated to be over 200 years old and the oldest one of Oia. The Seven youth of Ephesus were saved from an attack due to that cave where they managed to hide.


With a reputation of the most beautiful sunsets on Earth, Santorini’s caldera is picturesque. A caldera is the remains of the volcanic eruption, creating a ring rock around the sea, the rim of an old volcano, filled with water. Experience unforgettable sunsets, seeing the sun drop into the blue waters leaving only the silhouettes of the tiny islets showered in the gold Greek sun in its wake.

Hot Springs & Volcano

Sailing around the volcano is among the highlights of Santorini experiences. The Hot Springs of the volcano are geothermally heated groundwater with high mineral content, also known for its therapeutic use.

Acrotiri, Indian Rock & Venetian Light House

Akrotiri is one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean. The peninsula lies exactly on the axis of the shipping lane from Piraeus to Alexandria. Unique sights such as the “Indian” a rock formation with human profile near the Venetian lighthouse. And the Venetian Lighthouse is one of the best in Greece, it can be found 18 kilometres from Fira at an altitude of 58 meters.

White Beach

The incredible White beach is only accessible by boat. The rocks covering the beach are pure white and the waters are transparent blue create a magnificent site. Explore Mother Nature and her charms.

Red Beach

The Red beach is the definition of a volcano beach. Everything here is red. The imposing rocks as well as the alteration of sand and pebbles.