A wedding has to be a wonderful unforgettable occasion, customized according to the wishes of each couple. There are couples who dream of a wedding by the sea, where the bride arrives to the beach on a boat, the couple get married barefoot and guests participate in an informal, but well-designed, event. Others desire a romantic ceremony in a white chapel and, maybe, a formal reception on a deluxe boat. And there are those who prefer a luxury wedding on board, from the very first moment till the very last.

This is why Santorini weddings have become very popular over the past few decades; the island offers it all: dazzling beaches, picturesque landscapes, multiple accommodation choices, and a vibrant nightlife for an unforgettable bachelor party. What a wedding Santorini offers is quite different from a wedding in any other island; this place has an inimitable atmosphere, created by its volcanic beaches and enhanced by the beautiful Cycladic architecture.

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Boat Weddings In Santorini


The stunning sunset and the endless horizon of the Aegean Sea, along with the unique volcanic landscape of the island compose the perfect setting for romantic weddings in Santorini, either on one of its amazing beaches or on a boat. Boat weddings in Santorini are attracting couples not only from Greece, but also from abroad. The experience of getting married on board is one of a kind, especially on one of the vessels of Santorini Yachting Club.

Whether couples desire a stylish, luxurious flair or a more traditional ceremony, they can find it all! By selecting a contemporary yacht, couples will give their wedding a lavish flair, whereas by selecting a traditional boat, they will achieve a more picturesque and vintage style. No matter what they desire, our experts will help couples design a special exclusive event!


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