Some Good Reasons To Choose Santorini Yachting Club

We know

Santorini better than anyone

We offer

the newest fleet in Santorini

We provide

unique services

We sail

you to the most spectacular sunset spot in Santorini

302.408 dives

We dive into the sea 302.408 times every summer

5.040 times at difficult places

We have traveled through the most difficult places 5.040 times

1.360.842 memories

We created more than 1.360.842… memories

30.248 times tied knots

We have tied knots over 30.248 times

32.480 people

We welcome on board more than 32.480 people every year

3.386.880 times turned

During the last summer our steering wheel has turned 3.386.880 times

5oC higher than Atlantic Ocean

The average temperature of the Aegean Sea is 5oC higher than the Atlantic Ocean

3.786.740 kisses

3.786.740….of Kisses are given every summer on board

882.040 relaxing hours

We spent more than 882.040 hours relaxing on board

56 KN fastest speed

Our fastest boat travels with 56 KN

285.341 miles

Our fleet has travelled over 285.341 miles