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10 Top Beaches in Santorini

10 Top Beaches in Santorini
05 Mar 2023

What makes a great beach all depends on one’s preferences and desires. Some travelers opt for wide stretches of sand with ample activities and excitement, while others dream about deserted shorelines with calm waters. Luckily, this Mediterranean gem has something for everyone. In this post, we reveal the top 10 best beaches in Santorini so you can pick the one you like the most! 

Red Beach

The Red Beach with its crimson, dramatic rock formations is quite a spectacular sight to enjoy on the island. It is undoubtedly one of the best Santorini beaches on our list, but hold on to show you more breathtaking shorelines below.

red beach santorini

White Beach

If you seek privacy in amazing surroundings, this is the beach for you. Apart from a small cave, White Beach is mainly accessible from the waters, therefore, you won’t be bothered by many fellow beachgoers when soaking up the lunarscape vistas.

white beach santorini

Mesa Pigadia

This partly organized beach is characterized by large pebbles and crystal clear cobalt waters. For the adventurous, there is also a narrow cave that leads to White Beach. Mesa Pigadia is surrounded by towering, naturally sculpted cliffs. 

mesa pigadia beach santorini


The dark-hued Kamari beach with its turquoise waters and bright skies create a perfect setting to get high on adrenaline with water sports. From jet skiing to wakeboarding, the opportunities are endless.

kamari beach santorini


With thin black pebbles, a few rocks scattered in the sea, and a picturesque pier on your left hand, this long beach will surely impress everyone. It is suitable for families as there is constant lifeguard service, showers, playground, and even a cool water park with slides.

perissa beach


Vlychada is the ideal stretch of sand for families with small children. The waters deepen slowly so the little ones are safe to explore and play with the tiny dark pebbles. Beach-goers wil find chairs, loungers, and a small cafe at the end of the beach

vlychada beach santorini

Cape Columbo 

This nudist-friendly volcanic spot is one of the most isolated and quiet beaches in Santorini. The wild scenery of the secluded Cape Columbo is primitive and elemental, where visitors can really switch off their mind and just enjoy the nature.

cape columbo beach


This shoreline is a stone’s throw away from the popular Kamari beach but it is more peaceful as it is frequented by fewer tourists. The black-hued coast is named after a nearby rock with a tiny church perched on it. The shallow waters and a playground make Monolithos a family-friendly destination. 

monolithos beach santorini

Agios Nikolaos

A short walk away from the quiant fishing port, Ammoudi Bay, lies the Agios Nikolaos beach which is fairly different than the previously mentioned spots. There isn’t actually a beach where you can stretch out your towel, just a small islet which serves as an excellent jumping spot for the brave-hearted.

agios nikolaos santorini


There are certainly more secluded and serene spots on the island, but if you are visiting Santorini with friends and looking for more stimuli than simply sun, this inky paradise is the perfect choice for you. This laid-back beach transforms into a real party scene at night.

perivolos beach santorini

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