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Discover Santorini with Kids

Discover Santorini with Kids
25 May 2023

In Santorini, fun is always in season, with dozens of family attractions, kids-friendly beaches, and jaw-dropping scenery. This stunning Greek family destination is filled with bucket-list adventures. If you’re looking for travel inspirations for summer 2023 read on and discover the magical island of Santorini with kids!

Santorini boat trip + volcano tour

Between Venetian castles and marvelous coastlines, there is plenty to tempt you to Santorini with kids, but you shouldn’t miss taking one of the Santorini boat trips while you’re exploring the island. Get out in the water and discover pristine hard-to-reach beaches and great snorkeling spots with the gorgeous Santorini Caldera as your backdrop. 

If you’re up for something thrilling and unforgettable, book the famous Santorini Volcano tour that takes you and your family to the island’s sleeping giant. Kids will absolutely love this one-of-a-kind adventure!

santorini volcano

Historic sites to visit in Santorini with kids

A huge part of a family vacation abroad is introducing your children to the world – to the different cultures, the different food, the different religions… everything which makes each country unique, as well as opening their eyes to the way other nations live. Santorini isn’t short of fantastic historic places that evoke the ancient gods and heroes of Greek mythology. The Akrotiri Archeological Site, for example, also dubbed as the Greek Pompeii, reveals the secrets of the early Minoan civilization and their downfall. 

Fun fact: the Minoans who inhabited Santorini in ancient times are believed to be the people of the lost Atlantis.

akrotiri archeological site

Embark on a family hike

If you want to combine family outdoor adventures, stunning views, and visits to the most important landmarks, check out the picturesque Santorini hiking trails that crisscross the island. Walking in nature is always a great joy, there are plenty of things for kids to discover along the winding paths. When out on a hike, you can spot wildlife such as mountain goats, count and collect different wildflower species, and admire the sweeping views along the rim of the caldera. The Santorini hiking routes will take you through sleepy quaint villages, passing by majestic monasteries, mediaeval castles, traditional windmills, and gorgeous vineyards. 

santorini hike

Awesome family beaches in Santorini 

In Santorini the entire coastline is lined with fabulous beaches that are perfect for families: quiet, peaceful shorelines that are safe and secure, with showers and restaurants nearby, plenty of watersports opportunities, and round the clock lifeguard service. Both you and the kids will be blown away by the colorful volcanic beaches - red, white, black you name it- that Santorini is so famous for. The best beaches in Santorini are found in Perissa, Kamari, and Monolithos, which all await families with crystal clear shallow waters and clean and organized coastlines. Have a look at the best beaches in Santorini HERE.

santorini beaches

Best restaurants in Santorini with kids

Hungry kids are grumpy kids. That’s a fact, especially after a long day filled with fun and adventure. Don’t worry for a second though! In Santorini even your picky eater, toddler or baby will be able to find food they like to eat. In the main tourist areas you can pick from familiar fast food choices such as pizza and burgers, but once in Greece, why not try the local food?

Kids will love the various pies filled with spinach and cheese (spanakopita in Greek) or the yummy Greek sweets such as baklava and the traditional donuts called loukoumades.

However, there is no Greek vacation without a nice seafood dinner by the sea. Check out the best restaurants in Santorini in Ammoudi Bay, and head straight to Sunset Tavern which awaits you with a rich kid-friendly selection and mouthwatering authentic flavors .

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